Payment in BITCOIN

1. You wish to pay me in BITCOIN

2A. You buy on my site  or

          •  The price in BITCOIN is provided to you automatically (according to the real-time price) as well as the QR code to send the money to my wallet.

          •  Please note, you have 10 minutes to make the payment.

          •  I receive the money in my wallet and send you your order

2B. You buy outside my site (Delcampe, AUKRO,…)

          •  We must make an appointment on Messenger

          •  You prepare for the appointment, everything you need to make the payment

          •  We get in touch

                •  I calculate the price to pay in BITCOIN thanks to the real time price  in "

                •   I provide you with the amount to be paid in BITCOIN as well as my QR code

                •  You have 10 minutes to complete the transfer

                •   I receive the BITCOIN in my wallet and I send you your order