WESTERN UNION payment (online)

1. Go to the WESTERN UNION website for your country.

2. Follow the directions to register (it's free).

3. Choose the country where you want to send money, here for me SLOVAKIA.

4. Put the sum of the transfer in EURO (€) (total amount of your order: lots purchased + shipping costs you have chosen).

5. Choose how you will send the money (bank transfer or credit card) according to the possibilities in your country.

6. Choose how I will receive the money, in my case: CASH.

7. Viewed fill in the information on the person who will receive the money, for me First name: Lionel and Last name: LEZZANI

8. You validate and receive the code (MTCN) of the transaction

9. You emailed me, the transaction code number (MTCN) you just received from WESTERN UNION.

10. I go to one of their withdrawal point and I receive the money.

11. I send you the lots you have ordered.